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Interweaving, the duo's debut cd, is a dynamic collection of songs in Spanish and English presented in a variety of styles encapsulating the Renaissance to the contemporary.

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Hear the lyrical, rhythmic and sensual music of Central and South American composers on the classical guitar.

Works by:
Rafael Landostoy, Antonio Lauro, Agustín Barrios Mangoré and Francisco Roldán
Realeased: 2003

"It is my pleasure, and an honor, to be one of the first to record Raphael (Bullumba) Landestoy's music for guitar. I had the privilege of receiving, from him, a score of his music before I had ever heard it. No one had played all of his pieces before. I took it home and realized, as I read through it, that each piece was more beautiful than the last. I knew immediately that his music would be a major contribution to the literature for this instrument. He has also written music for the piano, and many songs. Antonio Lauro needs no introduction to the guitar public. He has written some of the most memorable and popular pieces for the guitar. Some of these are amongst the works on this recording. He has also written for piano, orchestra, strings, etc., including a guitar concerto. Agustin Barrios Mangoré is another giant in the guitar world. His inestimable works are a constant inspiration to all of us. He wrote over 300 pieces for the guitar. I have recorded only two, but hope to return to the treasure that is his music in future recordings.
Finally, I started composing for the guitar last year (2002). I am planning a series of Canons and Inventions, and these are the first fruits of that endeavor. I hope you will enjoy them."

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Hear the crystal-clear and lyrical polyphonic beauty of Bach and Scarlatti on the classical guitar.

Works by:
Johann Sebastian Bach and Domenico Scarlatti
Realeased: 2005

"Johann Sebastian Bach must have been a very complex man. His music expresses such a diverse range of emotions that he can't quite be pinned down as a "romantic", "intellectual", "austere", "minimalist", "impressionist", or any other "type" of composer. Each piece (if not movement) of his is its own world. One could say the Sarabande (BWV 995) is an austere, intellectual exercise. But it's more than that. Its emotional impact can be harrowing. The Allemande from the same suite and the Prelude in D minor (BWV 999) could be considered minimalist works. Both are built on simple motifs. But witness the romanticism of the Allemande and the insistent bitter-sweetness of the Prelude. Then there's Bach the "impressionist' (at least to me) at work in the Prelude in D major (BWV 1007) and the Allemande (BWV 996). Did anyone say drama? Just listen to the Preludes from both suites. Up for a dance? The Gigue (BWV 995) and Courante (BWV 996). And there's no end to the multifariousness of this enigmatic man whose personality we know very little about. It is a challenge and a joyous work to become immersed in this emotional universe as a performer and a listener.
It's interesting to note that we also know very little about Domenico Scarlatti's personality. We do know that he wrote over 600 sonatas for the harpsichord. He, like Bach, is one of those few composers of whom one can say his every work is a masterpiece. There isn't one sonata of his (that I've heard) that one could dismiss as "all right" or mediocre. These two sonatas are particularly festive. Luckily for us guitarists, Scarlatti sonatas seem to transcribe well and sound idiomatic on our instrument. Could it be the Spanish influence?"

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This innovative ensemble (classical guitar, piano, bass, percussion) zigzags its way through countries, time periods and styles: fandango, bossa and samba, tango, jazz, Dominican folk dance and contemporary commissions!

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